SEO Copywriting

Google-savvy copywriting to get your business found online

In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. And a change to Google’s search algorithm.

I’m an SEO copywriter with decades of research experience. Ranking higher in search engines can be tough. But I’ll share some secrets with you.

What information is your audience looking for? What is their search intent? You’ll need to start with some thorough keyword research.

I can help.

SEO Copywriting

Take the guesswork out of SEO with professional copywriting

You know you need to stand out. You need to optimise your website. But Google has more than 200 ranking factors, so where do you even start?

I offer a range of copywriting services:

• Full website from top to bottom
• Words for specific web pages
• Tweak existing website copy
• Landing pages to attract and convert
• Optimised blog articles
• SEO audit
• Keyword research
• Regular SEO reports
• Link building
• Email marketing

You won’t be locked into a behind-closed-doors SEO strategy. You’ll get a transparent tailored solution to achieve your goals.

On-page SEO services

If you don’t like writing or just don’t have the time, I’m here to do it for you. I write compelling copy that connects with your target audience. I’ve spent decades simplifying complex information into clear messages. I’ll analyse what makes your business unique and write copy that engages your audience. Words that sound like you and reflect your brand.

I use Google-approved on-page SEO techniques to help people and search engines find you online:

• Valuable, fresh and interesting content
• Keyword phrases that consider relevance, traffic volume, domain authority
• HTML optimisation (title tags, heading tags, meta description)
• Alt text for images
• Page structure
• Internal links
• Mobile optimisation
• Page speed
• Security protocols (SSL and HTTPS)

Off-page SEO services

I don’t neglect behind the scenes. Once your on-page SEO is sorted, we can dig a bit deeper and think about:

• Earning quality backlinks
• Increasing your domain and page authority
• Reducing your bounce rate


Online marketing services to help you stand out from the crowd

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Business Consulting

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Lead Management

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Email Marketing

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Web Design

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SEO Copywriting
SEO Copywriting

Boost your organic ranking with Google-approved tactics


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Business Writing

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