Content writing

Content writing

My experience in the research sector has allowed me to develop the skills required to create rich and trustworthy content. Engaging content also needs to be easy to read by your target audience. I am familiar with various strategies for writing in “plain language” – a way of making the words easy to understand the first time they are read.

Each piece of content I create is unique but will always contain the following elements:

  • well-researched and credible information
  • content that strengthens your relationship and engagement with your existing and potential customers
  • appropriate use of key words to increase search engine visibility
  • clear language and formatting to help readability
  • high quality content, free of spelling and grammar errors
  • consistent with the terms and timelines discussed at the outset  

Guided by your content strategy, I can create:

  • website content to build trust, engagement and awareness in your target market
  • blog content to increase customer engagement and to discuss barriers to engagement that may exist
  • marketing content for brochures, flyers and email auto responder series
  • electronic newsletters with a range of article formats including, case studies and interviews  
  • social media content 

These are just some suggestions but give you an idea of the content writing services I provide.   

Each project is unique so it is difficult to provide a fixed price quote. I am able to provide quotes on a per project, per day or per word basis.

I understand it can be helpful to get a general sense of the costs involved. As a guide, my hourly rate for content writing is $70 – $85 per hour. I also have the following fixed-price packages available which I can send you upon request:

  • Fixed-price package: one piece of online content every month for a 12 month period
  • Fixed-price package: articles for one issue of an electronic newsletter (including interviews, case studies)

Flexibility is guaranteed and I would value the opportunity to help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your budget and business goals.   

If you would like some help creating your content, please contact me for a no-obligation discussion.