Content strategy

Content strategy 

I can develop the direction of your overall online content strategy. Before preparing your content strategy, I will spend some time speaking with you about your business goals. Getting this information first hand from you allows me to get a sense of the tone, or “voice”, of your business. This is important for creating unique and authentic content. No other business sounds like yours and your content should reflect this.   

Once I have a good understanding of your business, I create your online strategy that supports your business goals.

Your content strategy includes:

  • a clear description of your target market
  • where the content should be published
  • the content schedule
  • a description of how the customer engagement can be evaluated using industry standard analytics tools. 

As an example, your online strategy may be as simple as: research and identify engaging topics and content preparation for 12 month period involving a monthly blog post of up to 500 words to a nominated website and scheduled sharing to relevant social media channels. It may be effective to include an electronic newsletter into your strategy.

These are just a few suggestions but give you an idea of what may be involved when thinking about your online content strategy. 

Each strategy is unique so it is difficult to provide a fixed price quote. I am able to provide quotes on a per project, per day or per word basis. As a guide, my hourly rate for content strategy related work is $100 – $140 per hour.

Flexibility is guaranteed and I would value the opportunity to help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your budget and business goals.   

If you would like some help getting your content strategy started, please contact me for a no-obligation discussion.